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Author: Tami Meraglia, MD

So it’s time to present our next book. We will read The Hormone Secret by Tami Meraglia.

If I should describe the purpose of the book in one sentence, it would have to be “reclaiming your true self”. As we grow older, some of us feel sapped of our energy, and sluggish compared to our younger self.

There is a high possibility this is due too some form of hormone imbalance or decline. Dr Tami provides information on the subject together with a set of self tests, and actionable solutions to regaining your energy and health.

The information inside the cover may make it seem like this book is only for women who is starting to feel the effect of ageing. This is not the case.

My biggest worry was that I would learn nothing that I could apply to my own life. I really didn’t have to worry.

Even though the book is written to women, and is primarily targeted at women starting to ageing, the book presents information valuable to all ages and both genders.

If something suddenly happens to your mood or your body that you can’t explain, well guess what, your hormones probably has a big part in that new behavior.

By reading this book, I finally discovered about the biggest question mark I had in my own life, and the cause of my unexplainable behavior.

Hopefully, the book will be as eye-opening for you as it was for me. After you’ve read it, lets fulfill the best us together.


So, that’s it folks! By now you should have an understanding why I have chosen this book, and why you should consider reading it.

A post going through all you will need to take full advantage of the content will be posted later this time. This is due to that everyone will need slightly different things this time to fulfill their best self.

I hope I will see you the first of May.

Happy Exploring!

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