This post by Fulfillment Explorer will be for everyone who have reached the self-tests in The Hormone Secret.

If you haven’t reached that part, and don’t want any spoilers. Then please just refer to this post later. If you haven’t reached that part yet, but still want to prepare yourself. Then you could take a test at Dr Tamis website instead. Just follow this link: The Hormone Quiz.

Be aware that this test varies from the ones in the book. But they are intended to diagnose the same areas. The questions in the book are designed more for women than men. So if you are a male and found it difficult to get a diagnose, try the hormone quiz in the link above.

Use your own judgement

It isn’t reasonable for most people to buy every supplement or product mentioned in most self-help books. And this book is no exception. Dr Tami says so herself.

It’s therefore crucial that you take the self-tests to get a diagnose, and then focus on what you need specifically.

It’s also all up to you to decide at what price range you feel comfortable at, and what you feel worth buying (if anything). This will be the case for a lot of the books we will cover in the future to as mentioned.

When ever possible, I will first try to list supplements recommended by Dr Tami, that has combined a lot of the listed active ingredients in them. Making them a perfect supplement complex to take.

They will be followed by a so called Fulfillment Explorer budget alternative. This will be a cheaper alternative or a minimalistic approach to include as much as possible by taking as little as possible.

Be aware that the alternatives, or even the suggested supplements from Dr Tami, can have variations to the dosages suggested in the book. You could also check out her own website.

The three parts in the hormone program will be followed by products that are mentioned inside the book for different things such as improving your sleep.

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As always, if you want to support me, or just need some help ordering your products, please follow the links below. It wont cost you anything extra.

Otherwise, just go ahead and open up a new window and buy them yourself. I would never want to receive the support from someone who doesn’t want to support me.

Part 1: The Liver Cleanse

Everyone is recommended to do the liver cleanse, therefore everyone can benefit from these vitamins/minerals/herbs, and products.

DON’T underestimate the effects a liver cleanse can have. I don’t recommend attempting it during crucial weeks.

Fulfillment Explorers Budget Alternative

Part 2: Adrenal Repair

Even if you didn’t score high enough indicating Adrenal Fatigue, it’s still recommended to undergo the Adrenal Repair for their optimal function.

The Adrenals help you produce the amount of hormones you need to perform and look your best. Some of the substances needed are also included in the other parts, making you hit two birds with one stone.

Fulfillment Explorers Budget Alternative

Part 3: Resetting Hormones

At the same time you undergo repair on your Adrenal Glands, you will be resetting your hormones to optimal balance.


Fulfillment Explorers Budget Alternative


Unfortunately, Dr Tami doesn’t provide a short cut on this one. The brand recommended by Dr Tami (Douglas Laboratories) however, does have a estrogen complex with a lot of the recommended ingredients in it.

You should be aware of that a lot of the vitamins and minerals mentioned are included in the Multivitamins and other suggested combo-packages. But they don’t always meet the right dosage. Therefor I have provided you with the options of Douglas Laboratories complex, or a list of ALL the suggested vitamins and herbs.

This will be followed by a cheaper Estrogen complex listed under Fulfillment Explorers budget alternative.

All listed vitamins/minerals/herbs

Fulfillment Explorers Budget Alternative


Fulfillment Explorers Budget Alternative

Additional Products Mentioned

Help me improve

If you don’t find the specific product mentioned in the book, or a product in your price range. You can make the following assumptions. I missed it, it wasn’t available, I didn’t find it, or it doesn’t exist.

If you feel like I just didn’t find it, or just missed it. Then please leave a comment or send me a mail to let me know. I will try to update the post and include it in that case.

If you have tried different supplement brands that you like, feel free to leave a comment mentioning them. But I’m afraid I wont be able to update everything to fit everyone’s preferences.


As always, use your own judgement and don’t mess around. Hormones are powerful things and should not be messed with. The whole point of this program is to balance everything and help you live a better life.

I always recommend you take regular blood-tests to check your values and to consult with your doctor.

I’ve tried my best to find the specific supplements and products listed in the book. I’ve also tried my best to include a variety of different options at different price ranges.

My goal is that everyone searching for a way to reap the benefits from this book, should have an option that fits them.

And that’s it folks! I will be updating this post from time to time if I feel the need, if I find out better alternatives, or a better way to display all the information you need.

So until then, Happy Exploring!

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