Bingeing by food preparation

Food Preparation

Due to the fact that there is often a diet and supplementation involved in self-help books, my interest in bodybuilding and bingeing makes life so much easier for me.

I will try to share some tips that will make your life a lot easier too.

As mentioned in the title, preparation is everything when you want to succeed with a diet. But so is the concept of bingeing your preparation.

When you don’t have anything prepared to eat, and when you have something unhealthy lying around. Most of us eventually fall in to the temptation of taking the easy and delicious route.

Therefore, always prepare as much as you can!

If you’re on a specific diet regimen that strictly forbids you to eat something. I  recommend you start out by simply clean out everything you’re not allowed to eat from your home and workspace. Or at least move it somewhere you wont see it for the period you are dieting.

But this only takes care of half of our troubles.

Meal and supplementation prep like a champ

Have you ever seen a picture or video displaying professional athletes showcasing a collection of Tupperware boxes with their food and supplementation already prepared? Well, now it’s your turn!

If you can, dedicate a day or evening in the week that now on is referred to as your binge-time!

I for example always prepare all my juices/smoothies for a week in advance during times I’m allowed to consume them.

Blending healthy drinks has long been an interest of mine. But if you try to make a fresh juice or smoothie every day, then it’s easy to fall of the “juicing” wagon.

Preparing and cleaning after making smoothies and juices is a true nightmare. Reduce this work by binge-up and line up seven freeze tolerable jars. Keep blending until you reach an amount that’s sufficient to fill all the jars. Now you can just put them in the freezer and enjoy a single clean-up.

Every night for the coming week, I just take out one of the jars from the freezer and put it in the fridge. This guarantees me a refreshing and cold smoothie or juice every afternoon when I need a snack.

Below is the go to smoothie recipe I’m  using.

  • A handful of blueberries
  • Two handfuls of baby spinach
  • A handful of Chia Seeds
  • Two Scoops of protein powder
  • A cup of water
  • Half an apple

Keep bingeing!

Let’s move on to supplementation.

If you truly are dedicated, have trouble waking up in the morning (guilty!..), or have problem remembering which pills to take when like my girlfriend (there is often a lot!). Simply line up some zipper-bags or small Tupperware.

Prepare seven boxes for morning, afternoon, and for the evening of course (you could even be so specific that you label the days).

This will make sure you are on point with your supplements. When you go to bed, you will notice if there is anything you forgot to take (preferably you do this several times a day since you don’t want to supplement morning pills in the evening).

I think it goes without saying that another major component of the binge-day/night should be preparing food for the week! The zipper-bag techniques mentioned is an excellent way to go around preparing your food for the week.

Simply prepare for example enough chicken in the oven to last a week. Throw in a couple of vegetables in another zipper bag and voila! You’re set for the coming week and there should be no excuses for falling of your diet.

You’re how you eat

What you eat should be completely based on the results you’re trying to get. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then get rid of as much of the carbs as you can as a starter. And now when you have prepared for your diet like a true champ, that should be easy accomplished!

But there are other barriers to weight loss then the traditional what you eat through the day.

Have you ever heard of the trick how you eat something?

This is a simple trick I learned from bodybuilding that has helped me tremendously when it comes to manipulate my eating.

1. Are you trying to consume something tasteless or disgusting during a diet? Or are you just trying to consume more food then you normally do?

Then do something while you are eating that will distract you! Watching YouTube movies is my personal go to.

2. But maybe you’re trying to consume something you appreciate? Or maybe you’re trying to get by with just the right amount your body needs from something you don’t dislike?

Then savor it! Don’t rush it. You also shouldn’t have any distractions (preferably no sound or other image like video!).

Without distractions taking your mind of the eating, you will feel the saturation better, and notice it before you have gone overboard.

3. But what if you’re in the situation of eating smaller amount then you’re used to? Maybe it’s even a smaller amount and disgusting?

Then the prescription varies from people to people.

I personally recommend eating with distractions as soon as something is disgusting/tasteless. But if the food I’m trying to get by on is tasty. Then I savor it as much as I can!

You will not feel the saturation no matter how long you savor a small meal though. That’s why I recommend you implement distractions as much as possible through out the rest of your day instead to take your mind of your hunger.

This is the one I hear most different preferences around. It will ultimately be up to what fits you the best.

Don’t forget the obvious

I’m fully aware that these advices seems ridiculous and a bit obvious. But you will be amazed how much incorporating all these simple tricks adds up to!

If you’re not already doing it, then try incorporating this trick together with the binge-preparing!

Just don’t let it get in the middle of your appreciation to your loved ones. If you have a partner or family you regularly eat meals with, don’t neglect them. Rather let them be your “distractions” or savor your meals with them a bit more than usual!

Making it a lifestyle

I recommend you to take a good look at your life and see if there are more areas you can implement the idea of bingeing.

The advice to only check your email twice per day is a miracle worker and highly recommended as a way to try out bingeing.

Another example from my own life is bingeing on messages and notifications. My friend highly encouraged me to remove my Facebook app for good reasons.

During all half interesting lectures in the university there was no way you would ever pay attention with constant Facebook notifications. Add an endless wall of refreshing events and memes and you got a concept of failure.

If you get a notification, or have easy access to scroll on your Facebook wall, you will do it.

Just by doing something so simple as removing the app, you will decrease the time you spend on these things. As soon as it isn’t as easy accessible anymore, (you will have to open you web browser on your phone and manually visit it) you will restrain from doing it as a pure reflex.


I hope all these little tricks will help you as much as they have helped me during the years.

Remember, adding one simple trick might not feel so much of a difference. The trick is incorporating as many as possible since they add up and create a snowball effect in your success.

I will use a lot of these small tricks in the books to come for sure, and I hope you will to!

Happy Exploring!

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