The Hormone Secret review is based on the book “The Hormone Secret by Dr. Tami Meraglia in 2015”.

The Hormone Secret is a great book with a lot of information you’re not taught in your ordinary life.

The concept of diagnosing yourself with self-tests, and then take action with the information you gathered, makes it a perfect example for a great book in the self-help category.

Dr Tami will open your eyes to natural ways of treating every day problems and deficiency that aren’t even diagnosed by some doctors.

If you’ve lost that extra spark in your life and you can’t seem to figure out why, then there is a big chance this book will help you. It did for both me and my girlfriend, and continues to do.

The main reason the book doesn’t receive higher rating is because of the layout and how it’s written. If you would base its rating completely on how helpful the content is, then it’s hard to argue that it wouldn’t be worth more.

But just as with any book there are pros and cons. Continue reading to find out more about them in detail.

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Second opinion

This book has really been an eye opener to one of my own concerns.

I’ve heard about multiplies of times of doctors that diagnose people faulty which leads to even more dire consequences. The most common thing in my own experience with my relatives and friends are prescribing medications that turns out to be harmful to the patient.

You then get prescribed medication to take care of the effects the original prescribed medication has caused you. This often seems to continue in a messy sort of loop.

Every time I hear of these cases, I like the concept of self-help more and more. I’m still a firm spokesperson of “Don’t Mess Around” though! If you truly are sick, get professional care.

But the concept this book has opened up for me is the power of getting a second opinion before doing something drastic.

Dr Tami showcases a number of different faulty diagnoses and how the person in matter could have avoided the effects of them.

She also presents natural solutions to modern-day medicine and how it’s achievable. There’s one case where a patient avoids the need to undergo a liver biopsy. Imagine if the mentioned patient had went through a unnecessary biopsy? Yikes!

Layout and the art of writing

Compared to Deskbound, which is the recent book we cowered, I don’t find the layout of the book to be a big positive factor. The book starts of with a good foundation but gets a bit messy after a while in my opinion.

Part one is all about learning about our hormones and how they interact with each other. Which is a good foundation. But then we go on to receive information about our adrenals, followed by another chapter about our liver in part two.

As we move on to part three which is the last part, we start of the 30 – day plan with a liver cleanse. Followed by a part with the adrenals, and lastly the hormones again.

This mixing might not seem like a huge deal, and it isn’t. But there are a lot of similar things in the book which can finally add up to a problem for the reader.

One of the jobs I do is trying to make your life easier by taking the information presented in the books, and then find resources you could use.

The layout is a huge factor when it comes to the ease of execution of this process. I can often tell to what degree I like the layout of the book by how easy this process is.

The easier my job conducting all the resources is, the more pleasant I often find the reading experience to be.

I feel like my post cowering how everyone should supplement during the 30 – day plan is my messiest post to this day.


Using redundancy is an art if you ask me.

Use it too much and it gets annoying and of putting. Use it just enough and in the right way and it increases the learning rate of the reader.

There is redundancy in The Hormone Secret. I experienced it as annoying. Mostly because of how the books layout was created.

If the three different parts about the liver, the adrenals and hormones was merged into just three different chapters. It would have been much better.

Now it feels like I receive all the different information first once, then straight again. But with a different chronological order and slightly different information. Which makes it even worse.

This problem is also displayed when it comes to the recommended vitamins, minerals and herbs for the three different parts.

We first receive a bit more detailed information for each and one of them. But then we receive the list again during the 30 – day plan? Just that this time, we actually receive a dosage for them.

Again, why not combine the book into three parts where we receive all the information about a specific part, dosages, supplementation, diet information, you name it, at once!

Clean marketing

There are a lot of mentioned supplements and products inside The Hormone Secret. Some of them are even Dr Tami’s own products.

I often find it off-putting when an author preaches about their own product as if it where the only viable solution out of thousands.

This is not the case with Dr Tami and it’s a huge positive factor for the reading experience.

Dr Tami has her own products to complete the 30 – day plan and she does mention them. But she does so in a clean way that doesn’t come on as a big marketing campaign for me.

Her supplement ingredients might vary heavily from the ones discussed in the book. This does not mean that the ones in the book, or the ones in her own supplements are wrong. But I feel she could have pointed out this more clearly.

She also promotes and recommends some other brands. But once again, it’s clean and not off-putting to me.

The brands and products she promotes also seems to be highly regarded and I’ve personally heard about some of them before. And even then they where highly regarded by the person or author.

I try to replicate Dr Tami when it comes to products mentioned on this site. There might be several good alternatives out there, and I’m not saying the one I’ve found or tested is the only right one. I simply recommend it from my own experience, or what I hear others have experienced.

Personal preference on details

How in depth you should go into detail is almost always based on the personal preference of the reader. I personally LOVE the parts that is often labeled by authors as “only for the geek reader”.

The Hormone Secret does not go into much detail. Instead it focuses on that the every day reader should understand it, and be engaged in the content.

But there are situations where I feel Dr Tami could have gone into more detail and elaborate for the sake of every reader.

A quick example would be the case of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. Stinging-Nettle-Root mentioned in the book is an example of something that increases both testosterone and DHT.

DHT in the right amount is necessary. But to high levels comes with side effects such as hair loss for some people.

DHT is the reason I lost some of my own hair and I would love to know more about it. But the book just briefly mentions it and says there are ways to prevent it. If you don’t go into detail about it, then you should at least have mentioned its side effects.

I will look into DHT in the future since I want to know more about it. I might even do a post about it.

Another example when it comes to depth of details is when terms is used like “one herb” or “one supplement” that a patient of hers was using. Just tell us which one, we want to know!

Insightful wellness

The biggest positive factor with the Hormone Secret was without a doubt it’s information for me.

Not only was the information presented in a way that speaks to the everyday person,  it’s also insightful in a new way.

How many of us have been dealing with issues and not known the cause of them?

How many of us have felt like their doctor doesn’t understand them?

I feel like this book is the answer for a lot of that misunderstanding and feeling of mystery.

If you have any natural problems related to hormones, or how well your body produces and balance them. This book will help you. If it wont help you directly with its methods and supplementation, then it will at least guide you in the direction you need to go.

The methods and supplementation suggested in this book is no joke. The research and case studies presented in this book is just one proof. The big proof comes from the hundreds of positive reviews this book has received from different people. They all had different problems. But the closest thing they had in common was that the book had helped them in some manner.

You don’t need to be a woman in her menopause for this book to have an impact in your life. There are beneficial techniques for everyone. But your gender and age might have an impact on how much you need help with in the first place.

For the few selected

If you’re a male and about to read The Hormone Secret, without any intention of going into details that doesn’t improve your own life. Or have no intention of helping out a woman in your life by reading this book. Then you can skip chapter 11.

All you need to know is that if no supplementation and methods helps you and your problems. Then you might want to look into testosterone therapy.

The mentality

A big thing I take away from this book other than the 30-day plan, is the mentality Dr Tami teaches. How to actually treat yourself, and not be to hard on yourself, while still being healthy.

I never honor an injury and I can tell you that all this leads to is a tenfold increase in recovery time, and in some cases chronic injuries and pain.

You should treat yourself in the concept of always putting your health as a number one priority.

A first step should be to order and read this book.

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