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Head Strong

Welcome to the Head Strong book review by Dave Asprey here on Fulfillment Explorer. You can order the book and several of the mentioned products inside the book at the end of this post.

This will be my third review so far. I will try to distinguish what you will learn from this book, and what that knowledge has to offer. There will also be a recommendation for whom this knowledge would be beneficial.

Last but not least I will of course cover how much I enjoyed reading this book and what added or not to a pleasant reading experience.

Lets get started!

What will you learn from being Head Strong?

The simple answer is that you will basically learn how to improve every aspect of your life.

Dave Asprey’s work is meant to tap into that lost and mythical extra energy for your brain. His work is not only meant to make you think clearer by eliminating that annoying brain fog.

It’s actually meant to make you think smarter and faster than ever before (and from my own experience it actually works).

The Head Strong book does this by having a strong focus on mitochondria. If you’re not familiar with mitochondria, my best description of them would be the cells powerhouse.

They’re in charge of everything from cell growth, and cell death to providing energy to your cells. And this is not close to everything they do!

Your whole body revolves around how efficient your mitochondria works.

What does Head Strong offer you?

Since basically everything in your body revolves around your mitochondria. It comes as no surprise that everything you do to improve their function, will improve your life. And that is what Head Strong offers, and what being Head Strong is all about!

Dave presents a number of different ways to do anything from strengthen your mitochondria, to weeding out the weak and damaged ones.

This will have a profound effect on how you feel on a everyday basis.

Even though the information in this book will have a noticeable impact on your whole body and how you feel. The main focus of the Head Strong book is of course on your brain, and how well it works.

To tap into that extra energy and clear up your brain fog, you will just follow The Head Strong Program.

The program is a two-week plan with a variety of different upgrades to your life.

Including but not limited to: what you eat, when you eat, how you train and how often. But also less discussed subject as how your everyday lightning needs to get an upgrade.

It might sound like a lot, and it is. But don’t worry!

As I will discuss in the layout section, The Head Strong Book is created in a way that makes all this information easy to follow.

Who is the Head Strong lifestyle for and who is it not for?

The Head Strong lifestyle is generally for anyone that’s interested in upgrading their brain.

If your main focus in life is to always be on your a-game when it comes to your brain-game. Then you need to buy this book!

If you’re worried about degenerative diseases, cancer, heart-attacks and other serious illness. The book also covers a lot of information on how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

The Head Strong lifestyle consist of a variety of different things as discussed.

But the main thing you will notice is that you will shift your perception of what the optimal daily protein, fat and carb ratio looks like!

The Head Strong concept is all about the healthy fats, and plenty of them!

Don’t worry, you wont gain weight if you do it correctly. But there’s a big chance you will lose weight if you’re on the heavier side.

A high fat diet will remove your food cravings and saturate you much more than a carb based diet.

Therefor, you will only feel hunger when you’re actually hungry and your body needs fuel.

But as with anything, it comes with some catches, and you might have to do some tweaks.

The selected few

There’s a  couple of selected groups I can think of that the Head Strong lifestyle will present challenges for.

As usual, its first and foremost bodybuilders, fitness freaks, and some other forms of extreme athletes.

The other group is those that can’t stand the taste of fat.

The first issue is that the Head Strong lifestyle is meant to keep you on a healthy body fat percentage at all times.

A bodybuilder shredding their body fat down to the brink of death for a contest is not what Dave intended. The off-season when you gain weight is actually more in line with the intention (until you go over the intended percentage of course).

Filling your day with artificial sweeteners in your supplement repertoire or diet as your everyday gym rat is also a big problem.

Spending your days with a never-ending cortisol release and increase of inflammation doesn’t sit well with the Head Strong lifestyle either…

The lifestyle is designed to put your health first at all times. But even with all this said, it doesn’t mean you can’t tweak your lifestyle a bit.

To achieve a semi Head Strong lifestyle is actually beneficial even for the few selected.

You look me in the eyes as a professional athlete and say you don’t want to learn to improve your ATP production (You don’t know what ATP is? Then you definetly need to read this book!).

My future goal is to implement a semi Head Strong lifestyle plan and go from the intended and mentioned almost muscular look, to the actually muscular look!

That would be a combination of the two best worlds when it comes to my interests.

Laying out the layout

There’s a strong chance you wont have any issue with the layout in Head Strong.

A small introduction is followed by a more detailed information about mitochondria. While at the same time teasing about the Head Strong program.

The first part is what I and some authors would refer to as the geek part. I recommend reading all of the book but the Head Strong program is completely doable without reading everything.

For me that is often a sign right there that the layout is on point.

Another measurement I go by is how easy it is for me to find the resources for everyone to finish the self-help plans. Even that was fairly simple.

If I had to be picky and give some sort of constructive feedback, I would have wanted some sort of Appendix beyond the index for all the mentioned resources you could use. Cause it canbe an overwhelming amount for some people.

There’s a compilation of Head Points and Head Starts after each chapter that is brilliant though!

It reminds me of the joy when you had a school book that was actually developed to try to teach the students something with ease.

I would also want to bring back the Bulletproof diet road map  from his earlier book the Bulletproof diet.

It was truly a lifesaver when you cooked and went grocery shopping. The old one is available online in this link.

How is it written?

Dave Asprey usually produce something that’s enjoyable and catches the reader, especially if you’re a Dave Asprey fan. And this book is no different.

The level of details is enough for the geeks and hardcore readers to clench their original thirst. They are also presented with easy research sources to follow if they would like more information.

But since the information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand, I don’t feel the normal reader would be bothered.

Especially not since the layout allows them to skip this part.

You even get a heads up (get it?) in the book when you might want to jump forward a bit if you’re not interested in the science.

This is even followed by a smooth execution of redundancy! If you skip some chapters, Dave will explain where the information you read is presented so you don’t feel confused.

Even if you read the whole thing, the reminder works perfectly to fresh up your memory, and increase your learning without being annoying. Now that’s how you use redundancy!

The thing that I also loved about Head Strong was that it provides you with a lot of disclaimer when some information is fishy, dangerous, or might need a bit more research behind it to be a stated fact.

This is a huge trust builder for me.

Compared to the Bulletproof Diet

If you where to compare Head Strong to the Bulletproof Diet I would say that I definitely prefer Head Strong.

Head Strong has the same foundation as The Bulletproof Diet and is built on the same concept. But it has a much more detailed explanation to why, and even how it works.

Yes, there are overlapping information and recommendation when it comes to some parts I feel.

But if you’ve read the Bulletproof Diet, you don’t have to worry about not learning something new in the Head Strong book. There are tons of new information! I would  rather describe it as an upgrade from the previous book.

The other thing that I enjoy with Head Strong compared to Dave’s previous work, is that he has altered his self-marketing and self-preaching to some degree.

Unfortunately I still think this is where Dave has the biggest room for improvement though.

After becoming Head Strong

All and all the Head Strong is great book on a really exciting subject. What makes it so interesting is that so much of the information still haven’t made it to the mainstream yet.

And with the pace of our evolution in technology and research, expect more great things to come from Dave in the future!

The big thing to take away from this book is that health should always come first. And that you need to start preventing the damage you cause your body and brain before it’s to late!

It’s a lot easier to prevent something then to cure something.

If you have read and tried the information in the book already, I know there’s a big chance you feel better than you can remember you ever have.

Remember to stick with the program for a while though to actually feel the difference it will make on your life.

But if you haven’t read the book yet or tried the two-week program , I would highly recommend you do so.

To gain the most benefits of the program you should try some of Dave’s products that’s designed with the purpose of making you more Head Strong.

You can find Dave’s book and some of his products below.

And as always, Happy Exploring!

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