Two bottles of green juices for the 30 - day plan

30- day plan

It’s time to start your new life with the 30-day plan from The Hormone Secret!

If you haven’t read The Hormone Secret, you can find an introduction here, or read the review here. Also, if you haven’t bought the supplements yet and want to try the 30-day plan yourself. Then you can find the listed supplements and a link where to order them from here. You could also visit Dr Tamis own homepage and buy her own products from there.

People will have different imbalances, but in this post you will get to know what me and my girlfriends major imbalances are. You will also get to know what you can expect if you decide to try the 30-day plan.

I will also include how me and my girlfriend who tried the 30-day plan felt during this time, and what results we achieved.

Lastly I will include what I will focus on in the future and what you should be focusing on!

You will be supplementing and dieting for at least 30 days while on this program. And yes, you will be dieting!

You’re making food and drink choices based on their qualities, compositions, and their effect on your health. It’s officially a diet! But you shouldn’t worry at all.

After countless different diets I’ve stumbled upon, due to my interest in bodybuilding. I can say it’s a very forgiving one compared to a lot of others.

With that said, lets renew our energy and look at our hormones shall we?


So, where did I find imbalances and areas to improve?

I scored completely terrible in the Adrenal and Thyroid self-tests. I couldn’t believe how spot on these tests and information applied to myself. I’ve always thought these symptoms where normal and that I kinda had to just live with them.

You should never accept feeling less than optimal and energetic! I can’t wait to find out if a couple of months of taking care of my Adrenals will improve my life.

Always double-check

After taking the online hormone quiz I also found out I needed a boost in progesterone to. And since I’m fond of bodybuilding, I’m always looking at ways to increase my Testosterone.

The online quiz was much more beneficial to me then the self-test inside the book since I’m a male.

So if you’re a male, and only tried the self-tests inside the book, I recommend taking the online quiz to.

But since this book is primarily targeted at women, my main focus for this book was to learn how to make women life better. In particular my girlfriend who agreed to volunteer in this journey.

It turned out that she could benefit significantly by increase her progesterone along with her testosterone. And that is exactly what we intend to do!

Quick fix

Before we dive in to the 30-day plan and beyond, lets look if there’s anything you can do straight away to improve your life.

My girlfriends biggest problem and symptoms was without a doubt connected to low progesterone. A quick look at the information gave us some actions we could incorporate immediately.

Turns out overeating is connected to lowering your progesterone.

My girlfriend has tried the slow carb diet that allows you to binge eat on one day of the weekend. A so-called cheat-day every week.

The diet is truly amazing when it comes to shedding of pounds, there is no way around that. But it also causes a decrease in progesterone which is something we try to reverse here.

Removing the cheat day and follow the new eating instructions was her first quick fix. But there are other as mentioned!

Please take the time to explore your home for hormone disruptors or so-called xenobiotics that you can remove. Recommended places to start would be your bathroom and beauty supplies, followed by your cleaning supplies, or products under the sink.

My girlfriend is very picky with her beauty supplies and it turns out it’s a good thing. We didn’t find any of the listed harmfull substances in a single product.  

Are there any more quick fixes for the 30 – day plan you can think of? Would you might mind sharing them in the comment section since there might be a lot of people who could benefit from them?

The 30-day plan

So, have you had time to try out the 30-day plan yet? I’ve, and the results have been interesting to say at least. Keep reading to find out why!

Eating during the 30-day plan

The foods that you’re allowed to consume are all listed inside the book.

I would prefer to have an online list since it’s easier to refer to. But I didn’t find another copy on her website. If you do manage to find one, please let me know!

Everyone will choose different food alternatives, and the time you consume them will vary slightly too.

Here’s how I planned my meals and what I ate during the 30-day plan. Keep in mind that I consistently drank detox tea during these 30 days. Except for the breakfast I didn’t include it since it didn’t follow a specific schedule.

My pre lunch meal for the 30-day plan: Bowl of oatmeal with oatmilk, apple slices and blueberries

Pre Lunch Meal


I started of my mornings with a protein shake to swallow down my supplements together with green tea. This was followed by the detox tea.

Pre lunch meal

A bowl of steel cuts gluten-free oats with half an apple, cinnamon, blueberries and oat milk.

This meal was my favorite during the 30-day plan since I haven’t got to eat apple on a regular basis for years. It has always been a favorite of mine!

The cinnamon is particularly good and important. It’s an excellent seasoning and it’s one of the detox ingredients you should try to get plenty of!


This meal together with my dinner was the meal that varied the most.

I tried to follow the guidelines of one source of meat from the approved list together with a variety of the approved vegetables for every lunch I made.

An example of my meals would be chicken with lettuce, cucumber, radishes and spinach.

Afternoon smoothie / snack

In the afternoons I simply chugged down a bottle of smoothie that had thawed in the refrigerator during the night. You can find a blog post about preparing in advance here.

For my smoothies I used the recipe displayed in the post in the link above.

While chugging my smoothie I nibbled on slices from the half apple that was left from my morning bowl of oats.


For my dinners I followed my lunch schedule of a source of meat together with vegetables. The difference was that for dinner I chose to have a small amount of carbs from either sweet potatoes or rice.

An example would be chicken with lettuce, spinach, radishes cucumbers and baked sweet potatoes (yes, I keep my meals this simple).

Part 1: Cleansing our liver

As I mentioned, a huge part why I chose this book was to help other women, my girlfriend in particular. She joined me in this 30-day plan experiment and our experience have been a bit chaotic!

During the first days nothing out of this world happened.

We where both a bit cranky and had headaches since we removed coffee and other caffeine sources. You should expect this as a result of the caffeine withdrawal.

The coffee we usually drink here at home in the morning is probably strong enough to kill a rhinoceros. Or as we like to see it, just enough to wake up.

Therefore switching to green tea and detox tea was very hard in the beginning.

Other then the caffeine withdrawal the only strange thing that happened for the first three days was that my lips got very dry, cracked, and finally started bleeding for some reason.

If this was all the liver cleanse could bring it would be a walk in the park! But oh dear where we were wrong!

On the fourth morning sh#t really hit the fan!

I woke up to my girlfriend screaming in pain next to me. She hadn’t been able to sleep all night because of muscle cramps and pain in her back and through all of the legs.

She also had a fever and was puking, but this was the least of her worries.

A quick search on google show cased that this where symptoms of cleansing ones liver.

If this particular muscle cramp symptom happens to you, try these thing to relieve some of the pain:

  • Massage/Self-massage
  • Hot baths
  • Stretching
  • Light exercise (you need to preserve electrolytes for your liver so keep it light!)

My girlfriend used some of my mobility tools to ease the pain. But all the pain didn’t go away until several hours later.

She reminded me to never lure her into another experiment again! Safe to say my boyfriend of the year award is in Jeopardy!

But I was about to receive my own medicine before this part was done.

My own dose of the medicine

Besides caffeine withdrawal and cracked lips, I was doing just fine. In fact, after a while I really started to feel on my A game! But this was about to change.

During the first five days I followed my diet to a teeth. Not taking a single bite or sip from anything that wasn’t on the list. During the sixth day I went to my best friends place and celebrated his birthday that occurred a couple of days earlier.

We didn’t go overboard in any way. In fact, since it was just the two of us we kept it pretty clean.

The next morning I felt like a flu was coming on. Since I didn’t have any break outs I didn’t reflect more on it and went back home and continued my clean eating. The feeling of having a flu also went away with the celebration.

My next time not following the diet to teeth was at easter. Easter always mean celebrating with my family and eating good. This time I wasn’t as lucky!

The easter was followed by 15 days of laying in bed with fever and a heavy cold. And this was followed by seven weeks of heavy allergy symptoms for the first time in my life.

While doing everything  in my power to stay on track, my body was able to handle all the toxins that was released. By straining my body with additional toxins that my liver had to filter, the cup seemed to run over.

The symptoms of a flu is to be expected though. Even if you follow the diet flawlessly. As mentioned in the book, the worse you feel, the more toxins you’re releasing. Meaning the more toxins you get out of your system!

You might not receive these particular symptoms, or they might not be as bad for you. But do expect them! (except for the allergies of course)

Other possibilities

The mentioned symptoms isn’t the only symptoms you could catch. Therefore, if you notice anything strange that you think could be related to the cleanse,  search for ways to ease the symptoms or seek help from a professional.

There are serious consequences if something goes horribly wrong so don’t brush something of as nothing to worry about.

The cleanse should be totally harmless in most cases though. And after researching more on possible symptoms and why they occur, I can tell you that the plan Dr Tami provides goes into tremendous more depth then she tells you.

I didn’t come to truly appreciate the liver cleanse by just reading the book. But after reading other medical articles, the beauty of her liver cleanse program became so much clearer.

One of the things that was a recurring  factor in the articles was the benefit from green smoothies/juices and their vitamins/minerals and micro nutrients. So take your juicing and supplementation serious people!

The supplements we used during the liver cleanse sure did the trick. So in this case the budget version seemed to work just fine. At least when it came to draw the toxins out…

During my next cleanse I’m going to try the more expensive but recommended vitamin brands to see if it has any effect on my ability to stay healthy.

Below are the supplements we used during the cleanse (The Natural Sport product is intended as a male performance complex. But since we both wanted fenugreek, and would switch over to boosting our testosterone later, it felt like a nice alternative to try out. It’s not recommended by Dr Tami herself) :

Affiliate links

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Daily Multivitamin Supplement, 90 Count

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, Women’s Multivitamin, 120 Capsules

Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator 90 Capsules (Pack of 2, 1 pack avaible in link)

Natural Sport Tribulus/Maca/Fenugreek Supplement, 90 Count

Part 2: Repairing those poor Adrenals and restoring hormone balance

So we have come to the last part in the 30-day plan. Repairing our adrenals and finally balancing our hormones.

I kept my diet as much the same as possible during the 30-day plan to keep it simple. The only thing I switched up was adding carrots to my lunch and dinner instead of radishes.

I also started my supplementation for the adrenals and my hormones instead of the liver cleanse of course.

I haven’t been blown away by the result I’ve noticed but that was just what I expected.

What I mean by that is that I scored 13 on the adrenal self test and 12 on the thyroid self test.

It’s no surprise I scored high on both of them when you take my history with cortisol in consideration. But it’s also no surprise I don’t feel like a totally new me after only two weeks. Remember, severe adrenal problems can take up to TWO years to recover from!

I’m therefore gonna continue pampering my adrenal with supplements during an extensive time in the future. Since this is my biggest deficiency by far, I would definitely want to try out the recommended brands. The problem is that they don’t ship everything outside the US.

Don’t get me wrong, I did notice some results during the 30-day plan. But this could possibly be one of the biggest improvement areas in my life just by supplementation. Therefore I’m prepared to try to get every edge possible from it.

The two first supplements where the ones I used, and the two that follows are they ones I want to try in the future since they are the recommended ones.

Affiliate links
Jarrow Formulas Adrenal Optimizer, Supports Adrenal Renewal and Stress Reduction (Temporarily unavailable)

SUPER CORTISOL SUPPORT – Now Foods – 90 – VegCap

Douglas Laboratories- Adrenomend – Ten Herbal Adaptogens to Support Adrenal Gland Function During Stress* – 120 Capsules

Integrative Therapeutics – Cortisol Manager – Stress Hormone Stabilizer – 90 Tablets

What did I focus on for these 15 days?

During the other half of the 30-day plan I was dealing with sickness, the aftermath of sickness, and allergies for the first year ever. Therefore I didn’t really train anything during these days which is new for me.

This freed up a lot of time that I used to really try to learn more about my cortisol levels and how to improve them.

Lucky for me, Dr Tami’s 30-day plan have multiple of beneficial elements when it comes to cortisol.

One of the big game changer is meditating in the morning and before you try to fall asleep!

I found that the meditation part in the book could be a bit unclear to some people. Just to clarify, the breathing exercises in the book is a form of meditation you can use.

Meditation prescription

To take five whenever you got time is not the method for me. I set of ten minutes in the morning, and at least ten minutes at night for my meditation.

If you need a reminder of the execution of the belly breathing, go to page 81 in the book.

There are some important things I want to point out if you’re just starting out trying to meditate.

The first thing is to NOT multitask while trying out meditation!

Brisk walking, communicating and other things are all wonderful things. But keep them out of your meditation prescription.

Another thing I want to press the importance of is your position while meditating. Start by laying down or sitting up and focus on every inhale or exhale. There is a reason it’s mentioned both in this book and in Deskbound. The important part is that you inhale and exhale freely. There shouldn’t be any restrictions to your breathing due to your position.

You will find it easy to feel every breath if you put a hand on your stomach while laying down or sitting up. This is just what we want. This makes it so easy to control if you’re doing it right.

The last thing you should know about is to go easy on yourself. Something you will learn from sources like the Headspace app is the importance of being gentle while meditating.

If your mind drifts away during these ten minutes (there’s a big chance it will), you should acknowledge it. But don’t brutally force it back! Instead,  simply acknowledge it, and then gently push your focus back on your breathing.

Practicing meditation is just like practicing any other skill. If you keep it up, you will notice improvements! You will also notice tremendous improvements with how you go on with your day. That’s the reason I do it.

The most interesting gain I get from meditation is a perceived time increase of my day. By spending ten minutes in the morning, I feel like everything slows down. Which gives me back those minutes tenfold.

Alternative Meditation Resources

If you want some other resources then the ones cowered in the book, that helps you get into meditation. Then I highly recommend downloading the Headspace app for free. It has a ten day guided program that’s excellent for beginners and shows some different scanning and breathing techniques.

Another source would be the Calm app who also offers a guided program to get you started.

Both apps are free to use in the beginning. But if you want to upgrade them and receive more content, purchase is available inside the app.

The last resource I would recommend if you want free content from multiple sources is the Insight Timer app. This app has a vast library of free meditation soundtracks. You can even filter on the length of meditation you want and in what particular areas (gratitude meditation for example).

For the sake of the review, I used Dr Tami’s own recommended method during the 30-day plan.

All things you incorporate and improve from self-help books will help you down the line of creating the life everyone wants. And sometimes even your body will award you for your hard work.

Signs of improvements: Turn on the machine and get everything into motion

So what improvements did this 30-day plan bring us?

Since I haven’t been training and mostly been sick and battling allergies, I haven’t noticed any physical improvements. Rather the opposite.

But what can I really expect would happen when I just lay down feeling terrible and eat all day? I even fell of my diet as mentioned during this time.

My girlfriend on the other hand lost two pounds. Let me elaborate on that before anyone says this isn’t good and not what Dr Tami said you could expect! (8 to 10 pounds)

My girlfriend did not end up following the diet either during the holiday. So she has lost weight by going from a strict diet into a diet that lets her eat a lot more things she enjoys, and even enjoy the holiday. If that aint a dream scenario, I don’t know what is.

The measurements also showed she has gained muscle mass to. So the two pounds is a bit misleading.

But there have been other and more exciting signs of improvement for both of us since we started the 30-day plan!

For a starter it’s becoming a bit less painful to get out of bed every morning for me. This is a really good sign when you take sickness and allergies into consideration.

After being able to eat more my girlfriend has also gained a lot more energy then she used to have.

When it comes to my regular afternoon crash and drowsiness, even that has been improving. This is because the 30-day plan doesn’t let you skip out on your meals and snacks. My blood sugar levels thanks me for it.

But the biggest improvements for us both is our stomachs!

We have both had less than optimal stomach and metabolism functions in the past during different kinds of diets. But with this diet we have both perceived a tremendous improvement in how it works and feels!

Just these signs of improvements is exciting news for me. Especially since we perceived these improvements without being able to complete the 30-day plan to its full potential. We even used the budget version during the whole time.

These improvements are so exciting cause if there is one thing I know about self-help, then it’s that improvements often lead to a multiplication effect!

You just have to turn on the big engine for the machine that is your body.

Multiplying your hormone efforts and starting your new life

When you already have a lot of muscles, it’s easier to keep body fat at bay since your muscles will do much of the work for you. That’s exactly how it works with improving your hormone balance after restoring your liver and adrenals to an optimal state.

If you have completed the 30-day plan, you should have gained some significant improvements in your life and be a more energized and renewed you.

The more out of shape you where to begin with, the more improvements you should also expect.

We did have tremendous imbalances to restore, but we are after all in our younger ages and not severely over weight by any means. So if you’re on the big side, don’t be discouraged by our numbers. Expect a bigger weight loss!

The best things are to come

I see it as we have laid the hard foundation our body needs to get back on track. The important part now is to keep building on that foundation until you reach your optimal health.

If you read the book, you know this will take time. And I expect the big improvements to keep on following after completing the 30-day plan!

Since we live lives that deplete our hormones faster than expected as Dr Tami describes, there could be need for supplementing for maintenance. Don’t worry! You wont have to take all the things listed in the book for the rest of your life!

A testosterone supplement such as TestoGain (affiliate link) is one of those things though that you should take for as long as you want to live a high quality life.

EstroMend (affiliate link) for those who scored low on the estrogen test is another good supplement to take after the 30-day plan.

Personally I will look to start supplementing with the Adrenal supplements Cortisol Manager (affiliate link) and Adrenomend (affiliate link) for a prolonged time. Due to the fact that repairing your adrenal glands can take significant time.

Progesterone isn’t mentioned as something you should keep taking after the 30-day plan. But since both me and my girlfriend scored low on this one, we will keep supplementing. ProgestoMend (affiliate link) is a progesterone complex from the same company as the other complexes (Douglas Laboratories). So it should be a safe bet for anyone who wants to keep supplementing for improvement.

Below is a combined presentation of the complexes except the ProgestoMend you could benefit from after the 30-day plan.

Affiliate Links

Douglas Laboratories TestoGain Hormone Specific Formulation — 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Douglas Laboratories┬« – Estromend – Promotes Optimal Function of Estrogen* – 120 Capsules

Integrative Therapeutics – Cortisol Manager – Stress Hormone Stabilizer – 90 Tablets

Douglas Laboratories- Adrenomend – Ten Herbal Adaptogens to Support Adrenal Gland Function During Stress* – 120 Capsules

The check up plan

There’s a big chance you will slide back into old habits. But if you wanna make sure you’re still on track, and that there isn’t a need to start supplementing again. You should take the Energy/Vitality Checkup on page 210-211 every three to six months as recommended.

Head Points and Conclusion

As a conclusion, I want to leave everyone who is interested in doing the 30-day plan with my biggest take aways and recommendations.

Planning is always key. Plan your attempt at the 30-day plan according to the benefits you want. If you go straight after it like we did even though you knew you wouldn’t be able to complete it to a teeth. Then don’t expect tremendous results either. You truly get back the effort you put in.

Do NOT underestimate the effect the liver cleanse can have! I wouldn’t recommend attempting it unless you know you have a good chunk of time that you can spare not being on your a-game. But keep in mind that you will feel better after completing it then you did when you first started. It’s for a good cause.

What gets measured gets done is my favorite saying, and you should definitely apply it here. Take all the self-tests to know where you’re right now, and plan where you want to be in the future. Also put up some general goals to keep you motivated and see what you actually accomplished.

You could go for the budget brands as I did to prove it was possible. But as mentioned, the 30-day plan truly seem to give back the effort you put in. You will have to decide if a couple more dollars is worth the chance if feeling better and receiving better results. If I where to redo the 30-day plan, I would definitely go with a combination of the more expensive brands and Dr Tami’s own supplements.

If you feel like you’re returning to your original state, you probably are. Don’t wait for three to six months to pass in that case. Take a self-test immediately. It’s always easier to prevent then to repair. The three to six months is a good guideline if you continue to feel good.

Don’t let our fluke experience scare you to much. I can say first hand that I would 100% do it again. These kinds of aftermath is not the norm. And I feel a lot better after going through this then I did before.

And there you have it folks! This was my first experience with the 30-day plan and my take on it.

To truly know the impact I need to try it again and fix all my shortcomings. Lucky for me, you’re supposed to go through the liver cleanse more than one time anyway. I can’t wait to see if I could have all the benefits without the downfalls!

Do you have any experience yourself with the 30-day plan? I would love if you commented your own experience to see if I could learn anything, or to see if we had a similar experience.

As always, Happy Exploring!

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