Feeling like crap after a long air flight? Want to feel more refreshed when landing? Even if you can’t afford traveling by first class?

There are a number of different tools you could use for a relaxing air travel!

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I’ve just recently been traveling for a really long distance! Our trip to O’ahu (an island of the state Hawaii) took over 30 hours of traveling from Sweden! 19 of those hours we were stuck on an airplane.

If you’re anything like me, you feel exhausted after traveling that long and your travel have been far from pleasant.

Crowded airports and grumpy airport personal that goes to the brink of harassment. You received small seats that takes their toll on your body and you can’t relax properly.

The worst part about it is that you feel bad for days in some cases. This will remove significant time from enjoying your holiday, and that’s unacceptable!

I’m therefore gonna present you with my five best tools to bring along when you travel by air.

The tools could be used one and one, but have the most impact when used together!

The first class of air travel tools

1.  Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You got sick of waking up mid-flight with a neck strain cause your head was bouncing around all over the place while you where sleeping. You promised yourself  that you would invest in a neck pillow that prohibited that.

When you arrived at the airport or when you looked online you became cheap and tried to save a couple of bucks. You saw some cheap 10 dollar alternative and though it was gonna do the trick.

After your first next flight you got so sick of the neck pillow not staying in place. Not supporting your head at all or holding your neck in place. You came to the conclusion that all neck pillows are created the same and they’re a waste of money!

Ohh boy did you fall into your own trap!

You might settle for economy class like me, but let me introduce you to the Rolls Royce category of neck pillows!

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow – The Best Travel Pillow with 360 Head, Neck and Chin Support, Black (Affiliate links)

By spending a couple of more dollars on a pillow like the one above, you will save yourself from that annoying neck strain that haunts you for the rest of your trip.

When choosing the perfect pillow for you, make sure it fulfills the following criteria:

  • Can be tightened around your neck by straps or something with similar function
  • Should be able to lock together in the front
  • High enough to prevent your head from tilting over easily to the sides
  • Preferably flat back at the neck to prevent it from pushing out your neck
  • Consist of a more sturdy and shapeable material like memory foam (read not loosely packed rice/foam type material)

If the pillow fulfills the above criteria, you should be able to adjust it perfectly to your neck size. It should also prevent your head from tilting easily over the sides, or forcing your neck forward in an uncomfortable position when you lean back against something.

The reason you want a model that allows you to lock it in the front is because you could lock it, then turn it around. This is perfect if you often find yourself waking up with your chin tucked to your chest at an airplane. Now you can just rest your chin on the pillow and fall asleep without any worries.

2. The sleep master sleep mask

The product must have the most uncreative name I’ve ever come across. But it is 100% descriptive I tell you!

Do you feel really tired in your head after a long flight or wait at the airport? You should! The junk light at most airplanes and airports are just awful! We should avoid that.

But finding a comfortable sleep mask that also stays on seemed like mission impossible for me!

Either they where unable to block out the light, they fell of, or they where to uncomfortable to even sleep in. Leaving you with huge marks on your face, ears and around your head after wearing them.

Another common factor was that I had to buy around two sleep masks on a single travel since they just broke! The most common theme was the straps that went around your head simply snapped of after a couple of usages.

Then I became the sleep master!

Sleep Master Sleep Mask (Affiliate links)

I heard of this when listening to 5 tools that Tim Ferriss uses for faster and better sleep.

You can listen to the episode here.

The main things that I want to highlight about the mask are:

  • Satin – It feels reeeally good and it cools your face
  • Blocks out light – I know, that’s every sleep masks purpose. But this actually makes it completely dark. It’s also really easy to adjust it to fit your specific size. One size does fit all!
  • Sound muffling – Now that isn’t as common! It’s all because of the design upgrade.
  • Covers your ears – I though this would be a disaster and just cause it to fall of. But it actually stays on way better than any other mask I’ve tried! It also eliminates the discomfort of the strap around your head.
  • Durable – I’ve gone from using two masks a trip to not even damaging it slightly after over a year.
  • Hand Washable – This is a nice thing that is crucial for using it together with our next tool!

3. Silicone Earplugs

What can be so special about another form of earplugs?

Well, this tool might be a bit of a personal preference. But follow me on this one since it offers a nice combination with the previous tool.

I can’t use normal earplugs out of foam. Turns out I’ve extremely sensitive ear canals that starts to bleed when I use foam ones (Yikes!).

This is really frustrating when you’re also a really light sleeper and live in an apartment complex mid-town.

This is where the difference in design ones again comes into play.

Unlike foam earplugs, the silicone earplugs stays outside of your ear canal! This does not only mean that I wont have to deal with bleeding out of my ears… It means that anyone can experience maximum comfort when sleeping (or any other activity where you want to block your ears).

Turns out they’re not only perfect for sleepers that move around to their side a lot (may cause discomfort with foam ones), or for people with baby soft ear canals (guilty!). They’re a perfect supplement for the sleep master sleep mask!

Since the mask goes over your ears, normal foam earplugs may get in the way and fall out or cause discomfort when you lay on your side. This is not the case with the silicone ear plugs!

Until now I’ve bought my silicone earplugs at the pharmacies in Sweden where you get two pairs for 5.684 $. Today I found out they sell on Amazon for under four dollars for six pairs….

The Amazons choice are called Mack’s.

Macks Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs Value Pack, 6-Count (Pack of 2) (Affiliate links)


One pair should be usable for up to five uses. You could use longer but they wont be sticky and the effect will drastically reduce. Make sure to keep them in a airtight space when not using them. Once you unpack them they tend to collect dust.

Be careful not breathing them in since they may block the wind pipe and suffocate you.

If you sweat a lot during nights (like me), they might cause a tiny stain on your sleep master sleep mask. That’s why it’s so comfortable with a hand washable sleep mask! They really make quite the pair!

4. EarPlanes Plugs

These fill another purpose since they’re designed for occasions like flying.

The silicone earplugs are great for blocking noise comfortably! Making them a great alternative when you try to dose of.

But what good is sleeping on the plane if you go of the plane in pain? Many people, like my girlfriend, are sensitive to air pressure.

Put these life saver in before you take of and an hour before landing! Wearing airplane earplugs for to long causes discomfort so make sure to switch to the silicone one once you’re in the air.

Follow the description on the package for best results.

Ear Plugs – Airplane Travel Ear Protection And Pain Reliever (1-Pair – Adult) (Affiliate links)

5. HeartMath emWave2

So we have fixed the pain caused by the air pressure. We have made sure we can fall asleep without worrying about neck strains. We’re able to block out both the junk light and the sound. What more is there to fall asleep?

Well, how good are you at relaxing after spending time in security at a crowded airport where you might have waited for hours?

Maybe you’re all rallied up or have a bit of flight anxiety? Or maybe you just can’t let go of the thought of work?

Then my new favorite tool might just be for you!

HeartMath emWave 2, Silver Blue (Affiliate links)

The emWave2 from HeartMath is the newest gadget I’m looking into here at Fulfillment Explorer. But I already know that I’m definitely bringing it on my next flight!

emWave2 is  a handheld device that is my new portable stress reliever! A few minutes is all it takes for me to go from angry, rallied up or anxious to a more calm and peaceful state.

Just clip on the pulse sensor to your ear or place your thumb on the display. Then adjust your breathing pattern by breathing in and out in the same rhythm as the rising and falling blue lights to the left.

When you go from red, to blue, to green light, you will change your heart rhythm pattern and enter a more so-called coherent state.

I like to think of it as meditation on steroids. Without the cheesy chanting of an uncomfortable mantra that will rise the attention to you.

There are a lot more information available in the manual that comes with it or the product description in the link. You could also check my introduction to it in an earlier blog post here.

Just remember to charge it for two hours before your initial session or your flight! The device uses a USB cord to charge. But if you don’t have access to a computer you could always buy a USB to wall socket transformer.

Personally I like the charcoal grey design the most.

Thank you for flying with Fulfillment Explorer


At your next flight you will probably feel like a relaxed baby after initially using the emWave2 technology and avoiding the discomfort of air pressure with the EarPlanes plugs.

You should then go ahead and dress up like a mummy by putting on the neck pillow. Replace the EarPlanes plug with the silicone ones together with the sleep master sleep mask for a masterful sleep!

I hope this combination will give you your most pleasant flight so far. Leaving you with tons of energy to enjoy your holiday!

Do you’ve another list of tools that helps you relax while traveling? I would love to hear it in the comment section!

As always, Happy Exploring!

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