What is Fulfillment Explorer all about?

Simple. It’s a self-help blog developed to share knowledge and experiences from the Self-Help area. You could however use Fulfillment Explorer both as a blog, and a book club.

I will write self-help blog posts about how a self-help technique or book has helped me in some way. But it will also be used as a book club in the fashion of me giving all members a heads up on what book we’re gonna focus on next. People will then have time to read the book and then discuss it or share their experiences together. Or just tune in for the review.

View on participation

This site is intended as a safe place for all people who want to improve themselves. If you’re not interested in learning how to improve yourself, or help other people improve, this is not the site for you to participate on.

As a safety caution, only trusted member will be able to post comments instantly. All other comments will be reviewed for hateful messages or unnecessary spam. All accounts posting hateful comments, spam or anything that’s not appropriate, will be removed.

What’s encouraged then?

I encourage you to follow along this experience with other members, improving and fulfilling your best potential together. Even though it’s completely optional, I highly recommend you interact with other members and share your personal experiences with them. By sharing these experiences we can help others with their problems or receive constructive feedback on our own.

My Mission

My mission is to help improve people’s life as much as I have improved my own by continuously writing self-help blog posts. I’ve always been told about the power of literature and reading. Even though this is truth, I didn’t reap the full benefits from it until I started reading books in the self-help genre.

For me the self-help genre is much broader than the categories I see on e-commerce sites, or in a store. Personally I see the genre as any book that can, or have helped me in some way.

My Vision

My long-term vision is too able to make a living out of reading, writing and helping people through these books, products and techniques. This would include but not be limited to me being able to cover more books, spend more time answering comments, try out all different methods/tools/products mentioned in the books and review them.

How can you support this vision?

You can support my vision simply by buying the books or products mentioned through this site. I will include affiliate links from where you can buy everything from each month. The best part is that it wont cost you a cent extra to support me.

It’s important though to point out that I’m not sponsored by any author and my reviews will be completely subjective. If you don’t want to support me you can just buy the products directly from another site and still follow along this journey.

Not what you where looking for?

Try heading over to the FAQ page and see if any questions you might have are answered there. If not, you could always head over to the Contact with your specific questions.

Privacy policy

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