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The Heartmath Solution Review

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The Heartmath Solution will show you the impact your heart has on your everyday life. It will point out how you can live a more stress free life with clearer decision-making, by trusting your heart. You will of course also be taught how to do this.

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The 5 best tools for a relaxing air travel

Feeling like crap after a long air flight? Want to feel more refreshed when landing? Even if you can’t afford traveling by first class?

There are a number of different tools you could use for a relaxing air travel!

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with The Heartmath Solution and emWave2

The next book The HeartMath Solution (affiliate link), comes with a real bonus for all of us who loves technology and the possibility to enhance our learning with it!

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11 – The 30-day plan from The Hormone Secret

Two bottles of green juices for the 30 - day plan

30- day plan

It’s time to start your new life with the 30-day plan from The Hormone Secret!

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08 – The Hormone Secret Review

The Hormone Secret review is based on the book “The Hormone Secret by Dr. Tami Meraglia in 2015”.

The Hormone Secret is a great book with a lot of information you’re not taught in your ordinary life.

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04 – The Hormone Secret

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Author: Tami Meraglia, MD

So it’s time to present our next book. We will read The Hormone Secret by Tami Meraglia.

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03 – Deskbound Review: Standing Up to a Sitting World

Welcome to the Deskbound review here on Fulfillment Explorer! This will be my first review ever.

There’s a big chance you received the book introduction on March 1st sitting down. Hopefully you read this review standing up! And that is what made this book so relevant.

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02 – Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World

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Author: Kelly Starrett
Contributor: Juliet Starrett
Contributor: Glen Cordoza

Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World


Introducing The Deskbound Life

Rarely do I have such clear reasons to choose what book to read. When talking about improving someones life, it’s hard to find an area that impacts people more than sitting.

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