Waking up to day 4 of the one week blog challenge, and it looks like we’re making some progress!

From today I’ll start using a new social media platform. If you follow me on social media, there should be no surprise to which I chose.

Displaying my social media platforms for day 4 of the one week blog challenge.

Social Media Platforms

Introducing Twitter

Twitter was the clear winner since I haven’t made a single post there since I created the account. And because it’s a great platform to score some free publicity and possibly a huge amount of traffic.

When I chose my domain name I made a couple of different social media accounts to make sure I reserved the name. I’ve gotten around using both Facebook and Instagram already, but today was the launch of my first tweet!

My first tweet ever on my Twitter account.

My First Tweet

If you want to find anyones first tweet, you could use Twitters own service: Anyones First Tweet

Exploring Twitter

The first thing I noticed is the that the length of a URL is not optimal since you have a very limited amount of characters for a post. Luckily, Twitter has an own page about shortening links that you can read about here. They also have a page about the process of actually posting a link using their service here.

The reason Twitter seemed so promising is because of the easy share function (getting retweeted), and how easy it was to look into how similar blogs use it.


Want to make everyone aware of your new post? No problem! Simply write a catchy one liner explaining your post and paste the URL of your post behind it.

Other uses would be putting up personal tweets about what you’re doing, or retweeting things you like. You could even just be posting  a daily favorite quote. The sky really is the limit for this bird when it comes to driving traffic to your blog.

Alternative ways of getting out there

So, I’ve also been looking at alternative ways of getting out there as promised.

I’ll do a much more detailed version when it’s time to do a summary of the one week blog challenge.

But today I’ve been looking into:

– Pinging different services about my website and that it has been updated.

– Manually sending requests to different search engines to index my site

– Adding my blog to different blog catalogs and archives

– Looking for services to add my links to

And that concludes day 4 of the one week blog challenge! What social media did you decide to pick up?

Happy Exploring!

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