Waking up early to day 5 of the one week blog challenge. Today I’ll try to plan for the future ahead by making up at least 10 posts and start structuring them up.

Unless you don’t want to make a teaser post, make sure to make your own posts private. I only display some of mine for the sake of this challenge.

The Selected 10

I’ve decided on the following future ten posts to include for display here on my one week blog challenge:

– One week blog challenge summary

Here I will analyze my one week experience and try to give some insight on some of the results.

– One week blog challenge

Make a much more detailed post about the full one week blog challenge. The goal for this post is to not display my own experience, but to actually make a one week general plan for anyone to replicate. With the end result of having a much better, and hopefully more busy blog.

– 30 day calf program

Take the 30 day calf program and highlight my results, and explain what the program is.

– Supplementation

Make a guide on supplementation. Include information like what you need to know when it comes to when to take supplements, what to look for, what to expect etc.

– Cortisol

Since I’ve tremendous bad experience with cortisol, make a post on what it is, and why you should considering improving your levels.

– The Head Strong Lifestyle

Make a post regarding the two-week program in the Head Strong book. Highlight your received results and make a review about it.

– Post the next book you will review and make an interesting twist

Post up the next book you decided to include here on Fulfillment Explorer. Make sure it has some kind of twist for spicing it up.

– How to decide on a WordPress theme

Explain what you need to know to choose the right WordPress theme for your site

– Do an Advertising challenge

Commit to doing an Advertising challenge a la one week blog challenge style!

– When it comes to Self-Help books

What the reader needs to know when it comes to reading multiple self-help books.

And that’s it for my blog post today! Even though the post itself is short. Be aware that if you follow along the challenge, you should spend your remaining available time structuring up your posts. Also, hows those three posts on your new social media before day 7 going?

Happy Exploring!

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