It’s day 6 of the one week blog challenge. I’m starting to fear I won’t break my old record in traffic. But I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve just learned way too much and improved everything to much to be disappointed. Even if I don’t smash my old record, I might just tie it. While at the same time working on improving the blog and it’s future! That’s a win win for me.

I’m dedicating my last day of writing on the one week blog challenge to list some of my learnings. I won’t list them all since there’s just way to many to make a good blog post about it. I’ll focus on a couple of major things that needs to be changed on the site and a couple of “AHAA” moments of realization.

Without further ado, take aways from this week.

My theme needs to go

After looking at several other blogs and getting a clearer understanding of where I need to take my blog. I’ve come to the realization that my theme and my design needs to go. It simply doesn’t provide me with easy solutions for the changes I want to make the site more appealing.

Keep EVERYTHING updated across the web

When you get new ideas and revelations it’s easy to just go ahead and update your content. But make it across all platforms!

After updating my content I came to notice that suddenly my Facebook profile, my Instagram and a bunch of other things was just off target. So when ever you roll out an update of your content or information, don’t forget to look high and low for inconsistencies.

Should experiment more with different styles and best practices

I shouldn’t be afraid of mixing it up and trying something new! For example, I’ve green links and design features because I like the color. It’s not a good idea though when you think about usability for some people.

Interestingly enough, the most consistent thing I found was the usage of a warm orange style across blogs. But since I really like the color, why not try it out? Don’t be afraid to try things out. That was the whole point with this challenge!

The art of commenting

It really is an art form to comment on other people’s blogs or communities/forums as I’ve mentioned. I wished I’d tried out the water on less important blogs first. Will be sure to post some resources to this in the final one week blog challenge post!

Plan your posts before you write them

Day 5 might have seemed like a little day of. But it’s a really important day! Remember to plan your posts before you write them in the future. Other wise they wont be a gift that keeps on giving.

Get your SEO and keywords in order,

I need to edit what doesn’t work

When I found Amazons customizable ads I was so happy! They look so crisp and are perfect when it comes to responsiveness! Yet, they’re not usable at this stage.

They are after all, just ads. Since I implemented them I’ve received zero feedback on the resources I list. That would have been fine by me if it where that people where just not interested.

The reason it’s not acceptable though is because what it will do to the visual experience people will have on the site. When people use software like AdBlocker, they will just see a huge white chunks inside posts. That is not acceptable to the user experience.

The most important thing is implementing a subscription sign-up

You can almost not read a single blog posts about “things I wish I did when I started blogging” without seeing implementing a subscription sign-up as number one. It’s also hard to find a blog today that doesn’t have one (except mine of course..). I though of it as annoying, but I gotta change my view on this one.

You can optimize the time of sign-up instead of skipping it all together.

Tsunamis of non converted traffic

A random spike or tsunami (a big blue wave on google analytics indicating a traffic spike) of traffic doesn’t mean that much if you’re not able to convert them. Cause if people leave without signing up (see the importance of easy sign-up above) or becoming regular visitors. What did you really accomplish in the long-term?

Make it personal

One of the biggest room for improvement my blog in particular has, is when it comes to making it personal. It needs to be more personal and authentic. Profile picture, personal information, etc.

Who wants to read about a person they don’t know on a regular basis? You often follow a blogger to follow their journey.

I’ll have to work something out!

Find the optimal time to post

I really need to start monitor when I post on social media more. I believe I’m constantly posting on the wrong time for a lot of my intended audience.

Learn how to repost

One way to fix the problem above is to learn the art of reposting! It turns out it’s not only okay to repost your stuff on social media, it’s crucial! This is one way to counteract the different time zones and reaching a broader audience.

Create clickworthy headlines

I’m not talking about achieving clickbait. I’m talking about creating click worthy headliners that’s connected to the content. Don’t be afraid to not use something other than a super sterile and categorizing headline.

Need to post more regularly

The idea of a pure one per month book club oriented blog died long ago. So needs my one too two posts a month schedule do. Make a posting schedule, switch up your blog post.

It’s repeatable

The last big thing I learned is that this challenge is repeatable. I’ve no doubt I would have executed it much better if I gave it another try. But there you have some of my key take aways I learned during this particular week!

How’s your challenge going? What have you learned so far?

Happy Exploring!

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