A lot of self-help books have information in common. But it’s also a possibility that they will contradict each other, suggest different things, and claim that completely different diets/supplementation is the way to go. This is where your job comes into play to reap the maximum benefits!

It’s unrealistic to follow and combine all the advises given inside multiple self-help/improvement books at the same time. But I think it’s crucial that you keep experimenting with different ones! And here is why.

Finding the Optimal lifestyle

One book might make you really skinny or really big. Another book might make you really agile or really smart. The last book might even put everything in your body at balance.

But what good does experimenting with all these different things if they contain a lifestyle that’s not realistic for you to follow in the long run? Well, a lot in my opinion.

Achieving the best you is about improving every area of your life, not just one. And that is why it’s almost impossible to obtain it by reading and implementing the things from just one book.

Every book has it own focus on what’s the most important thing in this world as cowered above. But in the end, you will have to decide what works best for you and what’s important to achieve in your life.

Cherry picking

Since every book has its own narrow focus. Trying out different methods, information, and combine them to fulfill the best you possible is the key to obtaining the recipe for the best life you can have. And it’s also the whole point of exploring multiple self-help books.

By cowering multiple books, you can cherry pick your own ingredients of what you consider to be the best life from every area. The hard part lies in combining the information from different books into your golden middle ground since they contradict each other.

You should therefore always make it a practice to weigh the cons vs pros these implementations has made in your life.

Is adding a bit extra weight of muscles to your body for example worth the inflammation it will cause you to obtain it? Only you can decide that.

Yours truly

Be aware of that all the information and claims you will encounter can damage you and what you consider being healthy. You therefore need to take a step back and evaluate sometimes when exploring.

No need to worry though! If you don’t want to try something out yourself straight away. You could always tune in here on Fulfillment Explorer and let me be your test bunny instead.

But be aware of that the results I or others receive might vary heavily from yours. You will never truly know the impact before you try it out yourself. So let’s get experimenting!

Happy Exploring!

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