Before you email any questions you might have. Make sure the answer isn’t provided in the frequently asked question(FAQ) section area below. It could also be worth checking out the About page for more information.

    What will supporting Fulfillment Explorer lead to?
    The amount of support goes hand in hand with how much time I can invest into the site. More support would lead to better design, more frequent posts, and quicker support response for example.
    How can I support Fulfillment Explorer?
    All you have to do is buying the books and products you already where gonna buy through the affiliate links on this site. I always try to make the affiliate links as clear as possible. Both for the ease of finding them, and also because I don’t want anyone to feel tricked into supporting me.
    Why do I not see my comment instantly after I post it?
    If you can’t see your comment straight away, the comment is probably under “observation”. I’m trying to make this community into a safe place for everyone. So until you’re a trusted user, your first comment will be observed.
    Do I need to become a member?
    Of course not! If you just want to browse the site and read a blog post or two, by all means, feel free to do that. However, if you want to receive the full experience you need to become a member.
    Do I need to buy the books posted following the links from this site?
    Absolutely not! If you buy the books by following the links on this site, you will be supporting this site. You should only support Fulfillment Explorer if you want to!
    Do I need to buy my books from Amazon or use any of their services?
    No you don’t. I use Amazon cause it’s the cheapest option for me. It also assures that I don’t use any material people can’t get a hold of for some reason.
    Are you sponsored by any author?
    No i’m not. The reviews will always be unbiased.
    Why do you not post any personal contact information or pictures of yourself?
    The main reason is because I don’t perceive the goal of being a recognised person. The other reason is because I don’t want people to get the impression of not being able to achieve something just because they don’t look like me.
    What is the goal of this site?
    My goal is to do this as a full-time job. Head over to the About page for much more detailed information about my vision.
    Will there only be one post a month?
    For most months the answer is no. There will be a lot of follow up on most of the books a couple of weeks later. There will also be times where I will post something I’ve learned that isn’t specifically connected to a book we are reviewing.
    I tried to register but I don't get an activation mail?
    Try looking in your spam or trash folder on your mail account. There is a possibility the activation mail have ended up there.
    What's a self-help blog?
    A self-help blog for me is a blog dedicated to posting blog posts about activities that provides what you need for yourself or others with similar experiences or difficulties