My second week on the head strong program.

Just to be clear. I don’t have any intention of stop doing the head strong program all together when the second week is over. But I will start tweaking the program and supplements here and there to get the results I’m after.

Which is more energy and better physical results/appearance.

These two weeks have been all about getting the optimal study mind.


So I seem to have lost some weight. But it doesn’t seem to be purely in body fat so I fear the worst for my poor muscles.

I forgot to mention it last week, but I start every morning of with a protein shake (without any artificial sweeteners of course). I’ve been hitting 50 grams each morning which is a bit too much for me. Starting today I’m gonna reduce it to 30 grams.

I’ve also decided to switch some other things up for this week that didn’t seem to work out for me the first week.

Every morning I woke up feeling like shit and even got a bit more sleepy from the magnesium. So I’ve decided to switch and consume both the magnesium, and the unfair advantage before bed for this week.

My package of unfair advantage

Unfair Advantage

The magnesium is because it helps me fall asleep. The Unfair Advantage (affiliate link) is because I don’t feel good when I wake up. I’ve hade great success with improving my sleep with other brands of PQQ in the past. Why would the Bulletproof one fail?


Well, the weather has gone to shit in Sweden…

Lowest overall summer heath for the last 155 years says it all. But you can’t even receive a single glimt of sunlight all of a sudden now. It’s just pouring down rain day and night now.

Might have to order home a narrow spectrum tanning lamp like Dave mentioned. But already in the beginning of september??

Just eight more months of shitty weather to look forward to then. Go Sweden!

I get my dose of meaningful movement outside each morning by walking to school. It’s around a 20 minute walk so I feel it does the trick for me.

In the afternoon I’ve to log another 20 minutes on my way back home. Then another good half an hour when I walk my dog. So at least I get plenty of time outside in the horrible weather…

Also had my second resistance training today. Went a lot better this time. Just switched chest press and leg press to free weights.

I’m so excited to switch up the training next week!


Damn, I’ve been going strong all day and night!

Woke up to 100% on my sleep app and I actually felt good for the first time to in the morning. Switching to consuming the magnesium, and Unfair Advantage in the evening really seems to do the trick for me! And I’ve only done it for two days leading up to this morning! Can’t wait to see how it feels at the end of the week.

My head is just in the right place at the moment. No brain fog, no more spikes of energy just to feel like a zombie 30 minutes later.


Starting to drop in visceral fat according to my measurements! Still feel like I don’t see much of a difference in the mirror. The before and after photo will probably help out to spot the difference.

Screwed up big time on the food. No prepped meals and no solution to be found at home for lunch. Gave in to the temptation and ordered a pasta salad.

My body loved me, but my head took the hit instantly. Was a nightmare to focus on the assignment in the afternoon with the insulin rollercoaster.


The measurement doesn’t seem to have been a hoax. Both body fat and visceral fat measurement have dropped. My “cheat meal” at yesterdays lunch didn’t seem to cause any physical damage.

But man did I go overboard on the brain octane oil this morning! Freestyle it and pouring from the bottle when you got no spoon is not recommended. My stomach is upset with both me and the oil.

Had to enjoy a cup of coffee with no added fat after lunch. Didn’t want to risk it. The frothiness from the blended fats are great, but this was a welcomed change.

I’m also getting sick and tired of cleaning my humongous blender two times a day. Gonna look into alternative blenders like the Magic Bullet (affiliate link) or some other solution.

Really cheated on my sleep for today. I payed the price during class. Was a complete waste of time to go there in this condition. Of course I also had to go on and raise my hand as a reflex and asking question after I spaced out.

Understood the lecturers puzzled look when I finally looked up at the presentation. My question was almost on the right course at least.

Apparently I can’t do like Dave and lower my hours of sleep yet.

Time to hit after work with the IT company I did my internship at when taking my bachelor. And that means I finally get my second big hit of toxins during the program.

Feels weird to type it, but I’m actually excited to see if I can salvage the damage better this time by just supplementing better. Wish me luck!


Well, the activated coconut charcoal seemed to take care of the suspicious food and the alcohol at the pool hall. Not sure if there actually was any real nourishment in the food they served there though.

I’m apparently exceptionally good at clearing the table of my own teams pucks in shuffleboard games.

Most important thing is I didn’t wake up with any hangover this weekend. Not sure if the glutathione did it’s job, or if my alcohol tolerance just wasn’t of whack this weekend.

My sleep took a hit even this night though. Coming home after an after work session and staying up late watching b-celebrities crying in chilly contest challenges, seemed like an excellent idea according to everyone in our group chat.

Can’t say I wouldn’t have done it all over again though. 10/10!

My family and relatives soon arrives. Lets see how regular swedish coffee taste like now after almost two weeks of the bulletproof one.


Aaaaaaand I feel like crap. Can’t focus a single minute today.

Not sure if it’s because all of the toxic food I ate (can’t say I don’t think it was worth it, I mean look at it below!).

Or the fact that after a really tough week of school, with three consecutive nights of poor sleep. Spending time with your relatives who happens to have small and loud children is just too much for the body to handle. Probably a little bit of everything.

My food for saturday. Exotic buffet.

Saturday food

Since I couldn’t focus, I did my second HIIT-training, and  grocery shopping for the next two weeks to come.

Man, the HIIT-training is just killing me! Love it!

The day is coming to its end, and so does the two-week program. All and all it was a great success.

My goal was to increase my mental focus, and overall ability to study and learn new things more quickly. The program is just molded for that purpose!

My physique on the other hand didn’t really change after these two weeks when I looked at the before and after photo.

I lost some weight and body fat. But since I didn’t follow the diet to a teeth during the weekend, I just gained it back then.

Following it to a teeth for a longer period of time would result in a decrease in weight, and body fat. But also muscles from my experience.

This was just my first two weeks as mentioned. I’ll continue to stick to the head strong program, but alternating it slightly each two-week period to come.

I’m keeping track of a range of different variables during all this time that I will document in the future.

Happy Exploring!

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