So I’ve promised to go through with the two-week Head Strong program, and I’m already halfway there!

If you’re not familiar with the Head Strong program, check out my earlier Head Strong Review.

Becoming Head Strong

So, I finally get to feel the true power of being head strong, can’t wait!

I’m gonna document my day to day experience with the program in the form of a diary.

The exciting part is that I’m about to do it at the same time I start my two last years to receive my MBA. What time could possibly be better to become head strong then during a university semester heavy in neuroscience?

I’ve been on the bulletproof diet before. And if the cognitive results is anything like that, then I’m in for a treat.

Let’s get this thing rolling!


I’m finally about to taste my first true cup of Bulletproof coffee beans.

The first thing that hits me is that the coffee is pretty tasteless. But one clear difference is that there is no “burnt” after taste.

But it feels like it’s very weak? Seems strange since I kinda went overboard when it came to the recommended amount.

I don’t feel any jitter, but I don’t feel any energy either.

As I head of to school I start sweating copiously.

When I got home after the introduction I already had a bad headache. Hopefully the coffee won’t disappoint me this time.

Since I won’t be heading out more today I decided to do the full thing and blended the coffee with some butter and Brain Octane Oil (affiliate link).

The brain octane oil was much more tasteless then coconut oil, which was a blessing from the sky for me. I can’t stand the taste of coconut!

My first ever cup of Bulletproof Coffee

My first ever cup of Bulletproof Coffee

I didn’t dare cooking up this frothy and yummy cocktail earlier because of the risk of disaster pants, and sure enough… Let’s just say that if you got a gum stuck in your system in second grade, it will be removed…

So make sure you’re at home when you start this thing out.

The first day is in the book and I feel exhausted!


I’m so freaking exhausted, I got no energy spike from the coffee this morning either. And the magnesium seems to be getting me feeling even more tired. I usually supplement them at night only.

Got a real bad headache, and why am I sweating like I’m in a sauna?!?!?

Might have to do with that all tension that got released after finally starting my master program. Especially now when the first four-hour lab is over.

100+ pages of neuroscience and glossary might have something to do with it too…

I would really like to thank Dave for dumbing it down in his book. Neuroscience will make you it’s bitch…

Science be damned!

I guess it will take some more time for my body to get used too using fat as fuel instead of carbs. Might have gone a bit overboard with 800+ grams of chicken curry and half a pot of rice for my dinner.  I get a feeling I can’t count that meal as part of the head strong program with that much carbs. But I’m desperate for energy now!

Finally it’s time too go to sleep, bring me that magnesium damn it!


Ohh boy do I feel stupid….

I finally got my real surge of energy this morning.

It came in the form of Bulletproof Coffee, and not Bulletproof Coffee Decaf that I’d been sipping on for the last two days…

My god, there need too be a packaging difference. Or at least a warning sign for people dumb enough to not link heavy sweating, headaches and jitters with caffeine withdrawal!

Bulletproof decaf coffee and bulletproof coffee with the same design

The brew of shame

Since there where no classes at the uni today, I went on and tried my first HIT-cardio training session a la head strong program.

Safe to say, if you don’t almost blow your lungs out and get a sick pump through your body after two 400 yards sprints. You’re doing something wrong.


It’s a lot easier to concentrate during class when you actually got caffeine in your body. I was even able to get a good four-hour study session in before the afternoon class.

The head strong meals during the day with no carbs makes it a lot easier to meal prep. And meat and greens taste a lot better reheated than carbs too!

Today seemed like the first day I actually sorted things out and learned something.


I can’t stress how much easier the class is now when you can actually stay awake!

It’s a lot easier to stay nice too without the insulin spikes from carbs in the afternoon. This is sorely needed when you find out you will basically have no weekend as a result of the school submission in the near future…

All I can think of is that I finally get to work out tonight! If that doesn’t save my day, nothing normally does.


The first resistance training was an utter disaster! I’ve never felt so weak and unmotivated in the gym before. This form of training is not what I enjoy in the gym. Especially not when your this low in energy.

When these two weeks are over, there will be changes to the workout regimen ASAP.

A note for anyone about to try their first resistance training during the program would be to prepare some extra time. The first workout will hardly take 20 min since you need to get a feel for everything.


Today has been nothing but productive! More or less finished my two-week assignment in a single day. I deserve to celebrate!

This evening will be the first time I don’t follow the Head Strong program guidelines when it comes to food and drinks.

The food is alright though. Home cooked meat and potatoes with a side of greens and a fat sauce? Nothing to sweat over there.

A couple of glasses of wine, mojito and a beer is something else though..

To minimize the effects I went at it when I got home with damage control. Coconut Charcoal (affiliate link) and Bulletproof Glutathione (affiliate link) to the rescue!

Turns out it doesn’t really count when it’s that much later than the actual damage though…

The night was awful and restless. Seems like my body rejects everything that is toxic all of a sudden. I usually have a very strong tolerance to all kinds of consumed toxics. And the intake of alcohol was nowhere near the average.

Note to self, bring coconut charcoal with you at future weekend gatherings.


Since I had such a productive weekend so far, and a restless night. I decided to take a lazy day of.

A couple of chapters in the sun to get ahead of next week had to cut it.

So far everything goes almost as planned. The only thing I’m really missing out on from the program is the sauna each week. My current gym facility does not come with a sauna like my old one.

Since I really miss it, I’m gonna look into how much a membership at a different place cost next week. When I was on the bulletproof diet, sauna was almost a daily routine. And I felt relaxed like a piece of jello after each session.

The only thing I feel like I’ve to mix up other than that for my upcoming week is the supplementation.

Happy Exploring!

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