The next book The HeartMath Solution (affiliate link), comes with a real bonus for all of us who loves technology and the possibility to enhance our learning with it!

The book will cower the science behind Heart Rate Variability (HRV for short), why it actually works, and what you could gain from it.

A quick list of highlighted gaining from HRV training are:

  • Lower your stress by reducing stress hormones
  • Raise your levels of DHEA, the anti-aging hormone
  • Live longer
  • Raise your mental performance
  • Learn how to maintain emotional clarity during chaos

Double the fun, double the gains

This time I’ll try to accelerate my own benefits by incorporating a device called the emWave2 (affiliate link) technology together with my reading.

The emWave2 is HeartMath’s own handheld device that gives you feedback of your heart rhythm in real time, to enhance your training and your emotional state.

You can use the device on the go or plug it into your computer where you can log your sessions. The software also comes with three different interactive games and an increased level of visual feedback.

But instead of trying to explain all the good things about emWave2. Why don’t I just show you its introduction video and leave the talk to the company and their experts.

Second opinion

If you’re anything like me, you also want a second opinion from someone you can relate to or look up to before you decide. Not just what the company tries to tell you.

HRV training is mentioned in our earlier book Head Strong by Dave Asprey. Dave also mentions the beneficial effects of technology when it comes to improving the learning rate of meditation.

You can watch a short video of Dave talking about Heart Math, Heart Rate Variability and the emWave below.

I hope you are as excited for this month as I’m! It has my kind of fun written all over it!

You can order the book and emWave2 below and get some additional information in the products description.

Happy Exploring!

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