It’s time to present the one week blog challenge summary and swallow the bitter pill.

I was not able to replicate my old record of traffic for one week (six days in this case). That’s okay. But I should really look into why.


The most obvious one is hard to miss when you compare the two different six days of traffic next to each other.

Google Analytics Displaying My Old Time Record of Traffic

My Old Time Record of Traffic

Google Analytics Displaying The One Week Blog Challenge Traffic

One Week Blog Challenge Traffic

That one tsunami of traffic did not recur this week. This week we got a much more even graph of incoming traffic. Which is better in the long run.

We can also distinguish that the number of returning visitors has gone up by 1.9%. Excellent!

The one thing not displayed in the graph that you can see when you look at the dates, is when the highest traffic occurred, and why that could be.

Plan your success

Monday is known as the day the average blog gets the most traffic. Usually in the morning, at 11am eastern time to be more precise (You can find the numbers and some additional facts here).

And sure behold…

Displaying Google Analytics Spike of Traffic for monday.

Monday Traffic

If we compare that to when we spiked in our challenge, we can see that we had nothing to offer for the average optimal time. Huge mistake!

Dusplaying Google Analytics Peak on a sunday

Sunday Traffic

The time frame I chose to attempt my challenge resulted in that I had nothing to display on my own blog at Monday morning. I spend the whole day gathering information. Day 3 would have been a valid day for Monday. If I spend a lot more time socializing on other forums, and leaving comments.

Other beneficial days to have on Monday would be day 4, picking up a new social media and posting. Or even better, announcing the challenge!

Note for next attempt at the one week blog challenge is to definitely add a time variable!

And there will indeed be a second attempt!

The most exciting learning from this week is that it’s not only replicable. The effects should be greater with all the knowledge we gained in the first attempt. When I finally get the method to a teeth, I will do an extensive guide on it.

One last reflection that goes without saying. The more time you can invest in the challenge, the better the results you most likely receive.

Next time I’m gonna make sure I can invest a lot more time on the things that really matters. I’m also gonna fix that annoying flaw of not doing a “six day” challenge…

I hope you had a great week with a lot of new traffic. And that you at least learned a lot if nothing else. If you haven’t tried it out yet, I encourage you to! What was your biggest take away this week?

As always, Happy Exploring!


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