Today I’m gonna show you a neat little online service where you stumble upon new interesting information of your liking. It’s perfect for those times when you’re looking for new undefined content in predefined categories

Set Up for Stumbling

Stumble Upon landing Page

Stumble Upon is a great service for those who have a little spare time and don’t really have a specific thing in mind that they want to look into.

All you’ve to do to get started is creating an account by either connecting with your Facebook or Google account here.

Then just specify your preferred interest like I’ve below.

My chosen Stumble Upon interests.

All of the main categories aren’t even displayed in the image above. And don’t worry, there are tons of interests to choose from beyond mine in all of the categories as you can see below.

Stumble Upon interests to chose from in the category health.


All you’ve to do now is Stumble.

The stumble upon stumble button.

By clicking the iconic stumble button, you will stumble upon a random homepage based on your chosen interests.

But don’t worry, you wont actually get redirected and leave Stumble Upon by just clicking the button as you can see.

You stay at Stumble Upon.

When you Stumble Upon a page you’ve a couple of options. You could either like the page by giving it a thumbs up in the menu bar. This will add the stumbled homepage to your account, making it possible for you to revisit the page at any time from your profile.

You also have the opportunity to show your interest in the content by sharing it to anyone.

There’s even the possibility to structure the content your interested in by creating your own lists and adding appropriate content to them.

The last thing you could do with the stumbled content is disliking it by giving it a thumbs down. You could either just give it a general thumbs down, or go down in the drop down menu and give a specific reason to why you dislike the content. And what you want to do to similar content in the future.

By disliking content and using the feature of giving specific reasons to why on a regular basis, your stumbles will become more and more targeted.

If you however don’t dislike a stumbled content, but it isn’t worth adding to your list or profile. Then just go ahead and click the stumble button.

Adding your own content to be Stumbled

Stumble Upon doesn’t just give you the opportunity to Stumble across other people content. You can actually add your own content hoping it will get Stumbled and sending a huge wave of traffic to your site.

Going to your profile and clicking the add page will present you with the following.

Add a page to Stumble Upon.

It’s then just a matter of deciding what’s appropriate for the page you’re trying to add.

When you add a page to be stumbled it will be also be added to your own likes. This will make it easy to keep track of it, and delete or edit it in the future if so wished.

There are many ways to increase your stumble upon experience and the success rate of getting stumbled.

One of those are the paid discovery feature that Stumble Upon offers. We will look into that more in the future when I try the advertising challenge.

Happy Exploring!

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