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The Heartmath Solution will show you the impact your heart has on your everyday life. It will point out how you can live a more stress free life with clearer decision-making, by trusting your heart. You will of course also be taught how to do this.

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Heart Intelligence

When we talk about intelligence we often refer to the brain and the power of the mind. Well, the authors of the book will have you focus on the intelligence of your heart.

Science has showed that the heart is indeed an intelligent system of its own. Containing the whooping amount of 40.000 neurons! This very system is able to put you in a state o balance or so-called coherence.

The best way for me to describe the term coherence in this particular context would be inner harmony in your body. Leading to an increased quality of life since no energy is wasted.

You will learn how to achieve a higher state of coherence throughout this book. The book also contains information around Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and specific resources you can use to improve your beat-to-beat changes in heart rhythm.

To understand why this knowledge is useful, all we have to do is take a look at the bold claims made on the cover of the book.

You Will Learn How To

  • Lower your stress by reducing stress hormones
  • Raise your levels of DHEA, the anti-aging hormone
  • Live longer
  • Raise your mental performance
  • Maintain emotional clarity during chaos

Segmenting readers

This book seems to come of differently for everyone.

Some perceive it to be a pure manual or research article aiming to display the fruitful research from the Heartmath institute to scientist or corporations.

Other sees it as a management tool for business leader to incorporate to their corporation and on their workforce. Or even for teachers or therapist looking for new ways to  better help their students or patients.

The last group would be the everyday reader that I belong to. Who’s looking for some information on how to battle stress and tapping into the power of the heart.

The truth is, the book is written for all these group, and could be used by all of them. And that’s one of the reason why I had some trouble appreciating it.

The reason this occur could very well be because of the broad stated segment the authors are aiming for:

“… to facilitating the millions of people who are wanting to learn more about aligning the mind with the heart and to those who are realizing that it’s time for practical emotional management skills to survive and thrive in today’s changing world.”

What ever segment you belong to, there is a good chance you wont feel like some parts of this book is designed for you when reading it.

That was the feeling I got for some parts, and that’s probably due to that some parts are simply not designed for my segment.


The book promises to deliver some data, and it keeps that promise. It’s not a case of data people will not understand. Just a case of lots and lots of it that people might not appreciate, and call of as to “scientific” to read.

The vast majority of the data is credible as mentioned by a lot of sources. But even this book has it flaws.

Measuring perceived happiness based purely on the patients perception is not to my taste of robust data.


Whether or not I read a Self-help/improvement, fictional, romance or thriller book. The most important thing for me is the perceived journey the book takes me on.

I had a complete lack of a journey during this book, and it’s one of the reason it scored so low on the entertaining read grade.

I didn’t feel like there was a problem with the layout in a sense of the chronological order they used.

It was rather a case of protracting, use of data, flow of the words, and even the unsuccessfulness of connecting to their use cases and stories.

The Heartmath Solution Review Conclusion

The best description for this read I’ve stumbled upon is without a doubt the term “heartfulness” instead of “mindfulness”. And you might have to read this book with an open heart. Cause if you’re looking for an breath taking and joyful read, this is probably not the book for you.

But if you however are looking for a book that will have a tremendous impact on your life and health. You simply need to read this book.

The book consists of three techniques that will deliver on the stated claims on the cower page of the book.

And the best part is, they can be read and implemented mostly on their own without to much of a context and diving into the data. You will understandably lose some of the big picture if you decide to do so however.

If I where to change anything with this book, it would be a case of total rewriting for the authors with a more narrow segment. Or even better, splitting up the book in at least three different editions. All targeting a different segment.

This would preferably lead to a much less sense of protracting and battling through parts that’s not even aimed for you.

As a final note I would just want to say that I would have read this book again within a heart beat.

The information and techniques are invaluable and should be taught to every single person.

I hope you take your time to find out more about them. Until then, Happy Exploring!

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The Heartmath Solution

The Heartmath Solution

The Heartmath Solution


    Valuable Information






          Entertaining Reading



            • Effective
            • Easy To Implement
            • Free to Use
            • Can be used at any time or place


            • No sense of journey
            • Protracted
            • Layout
            • To much of a business pitch